Practice Team


Joanne Wright – Female, Practice Manager

Lauren Connor – Deputy Practice Manager

Patient Navigators

All our patient navigators are here to help you. They have a difficult job to do, with phone calls and enquiries descending on them from every direction. They have to judge the urgency of your request, so please help them by providing them with the information they need. They have been trained to make these enquiries so that you can be helped in the most appropriate way. Provision can be made for you to speak confidentially with staff. They will keep all your information confidential.

Our patient navigators are:

Morning team

  • Sam
  • Michelle
  • Sue
  • Zoe

Afternoon team

  • Helen – Senior receptionist
  • Jane
  • Harriet

Administrative Staff

Jonathan Torenesi-Tibbenham-Brown – Male Administrator

Denise Prout – Female Prescription Clerk

Wendy Swaine – Female Secretary