Medical Records

When a patient registers at a practice a transaction is sent to the health authority notifying them that they are a new patient. Your paper medical records from your previous practice will then be sent to the health authority and transferred to your new practice. The process of receiving your paper medical records normally runs smoothly but it can sometimes take up to three months. Once the practice receives these records, they are summarised so that everything the GP needs to know about your health is made available on our computer medical records.

Currently many practices country wide including our own are using a computer record system called, Systm One. If a patient moves from one Systm One practice to another, all relevant medical information is ready to see by the GP on the patient’s screen on the computer as soon as the patient has registered, although paper medical records are still thoroughly checked once they are received later.

Sharing Medical Records

There are times when a patient’s medical record will be shared between health providers. The patient’s permission to allow this to happen is always requested at the time of referral. Patients are quite at liberty not give their permission, however it is thought that optimum care can be given when the most medical information available is at the health provider’s disposal.

Accessing your Medical Records

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, you are entitled to access your medical records or any other personal information held about you. However, there is a fee for any copies of your records, please ask our secretary for the cost. Request must be made in writing with your full name, date of birth, address and details of the specific information you require and any relevant dates.

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